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No More Grocery Store

5 July 2010

This week I’ve decided we need to seriously eat through whatever is in the fridge and pantry before we go grocery shopping again. I bought a few vegetables because we seriously eat green pepper and red onion with almost every single meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Overall, we do a pretty good job of buying what we need and sticking to a menu. There are little things that pile up though. For example, right now there is an appalling amount of butter in the fridge. I was supposed to bake a cake for a party but then I was told not to bake the cake. Baking cakes and making frosting from scratch calls for a lot of butter. Then when my friend moved, she gave me all of her butter. I need to bake something for someone else.  Luckily, butter keeps for awhile.


Of course I will not be using all of that up. Meal plan for the weak.

Monday Falafel, Homemade Hummus, Homemade Pita
Tuesday Chicken Caesar Salad Pitas
Wednesday Tortilla Pizzas at Jeremy’s Request
Thursday Black Bean Burgers
Friday Deep Dish Polenta Pizza

Sometimes I feel guilty that with very little trouble I can  put together  not one but five meals without even going grocery shopping. I am very blessed to have a job that supports my family and to live in a country where this is the case for most people.

I’ve never made pitas before, so you can look forward to what will either be an epic win or an epic fail.

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