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Reading, Chipotle, & Eclipse

3 July 2010

Ahh. . . These are the days for which summer was designed.  Jeremy started his day golfing at 7:30, which meant I got the whole bed to myself. This never happens because I almost always get up before he does. I took full advantage and stayed in bed snoozing and reading. It was a great way to begin the day. Once I got up at 10ish, I ate a big bowl of cereal. Cereal is not something I have time for in the morning during the school year because I usually eat breakfast on the road. It was so good. I think I prefer Sunrich soy milk now to Lactaid. Organic soy milk, at least for cereal, tastes so much better than conventional.

Jeremy and I watched some soccer (GO SPAIN!), before heading out to eat a late lunch at Chipotle. I love Chipotle’s freshness and “food with integrity commitment.” What I don’t love is the number of calories in the food. Even though I usually get a vegetarian burrito, I went with a burrito bowl this time.  I saved 400 calories by skipping on the actual tortilla and sour cream. I didn’t miss the sour cream at all, but I do love their flour tortillas.


After Chipotle, we went to see Twilight:Eclipse. Having read all of the books and seeing all of the movies, this was definitely the best adaptation. This movie highlighted Bella’s internal struggle of choosing between a life that would be easy and a life that would be more difficult but make her happier. Of course there was also a lot of good looking boys (I just love Robert Pattinson’s hair), sappy romance, and vampire/werewolf fighting.  During the movie I enjoyed my favorite candy bar, a Carmelo, and the rest of my grapefruit Izze that I smuggled into the theater. Izze is a great little company, and I love their simple drinks.

After we got home, Jeremy and I went for a walk. This walk, like many others, lately was ended by yet another skunk sighting. They are everywhere.

*** My new site is up and ready to go. I’ll dual post for awhile. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s moving in the right direction. Look for a giveaway coming soon.

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