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Wow Time Flies

22 June 2010

Things have been crazy over the last week. I haven’t gone a week without posting in ages. Getting a new job sent my world into a tail spin.  Ordinarily this time of year is just so busy, but ending one job and starting another has made it even busier. Things haven’t slowed down much yet, so this will be more pics and less words.

Last week was really busy at school with seniors graduating and finals starting for underclassmen.



I got to babysit this guy on Thursday. He’s one of my faves.


Then Jeremy’s dad came to town over the weekend. We ate at Popovers for lunch. I had an amazing chicken quesadilla. The tomato tortilla made it taste a lot like pizza, which I liked.


We took Jeremy’s dad to a Manchester Fishercats game. I love minor league baseball; so much fun. The weather was perfect. I didn’t need my fleece until the last inning.


On Saturday, we had a graduation party to attend. I attempted to make homemade focaccia. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good. I didn’t bring any home because it was all gone. I’m excited to play with the recipe and get it just right.












Jeremy and I finally had some time to just chill on Sunday, so I beat Jeremy repeatedly so we played some cards in the yard. It is one of our favorite summer past times to just chill outside, listen to music, and play cards.


This week has been in full swing. I got my first teaching gift today. My student was so sweet to think of me.  My students are some of the more difficult ones to work with, so I was shocked to say the least.


More fun times ahead this week. I have my exit interview on Thursday (YAY!), and there will be lots of hanging out in the afternoons with my homies.

I’ll be back to regular posting soon.

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