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Live Free and Wine

13 June 2010

Today was the first NH Winery Association wine festival Live Free and Wine.


Overall this was a fun event. Jeremy and I went together. Last night I Googled what to wear and maybe it wasn’t the best idea. While I wasn’t super dressy, I wore a cotton dress, pearls, sandals and a cardigan.  Almost everyone else was in jeans.  I should have known better dressing up, even a little, in NH.


At first I was a little uncomfortable, but then as the tent got hot I was really happy with what I’d chosen to wear.  The best thing about this festival was that everything was made in New Hampshire. 

I am under the impression that the planners had no idea this event would be so well attended because it was crowded. The crowds made some things really difficult like talking to the wine makers, taking pictures or actually getting to the wine. It was kind of like a mosh pit in the tent. 

At the entrance everyone was given their glass and ten pour tickets. Initially receiving ten tickets seemed fine,but then we found out you could only purchase more tickets if you went back through the line. 023 Going back through the line didn’t seem like the best plan, so unfortunately we didn’t get to taste something from each of the 12 or 13 vendors.

Jeremy and I both came out with some things we enjoyed. My favorite wasn’t a wine at all but a hard cider from Farnum Hill.  The Summer Cider was great; it was fruity, sweet, but with earthy undertones and the best part bubbly.

Jeremy had several favorites, but as he’s napping, I’m going to talk about the one he sampled that comes with a picture.
La BelleWinery brought jalapeño wine. The jalapeños are grown here in NH. Jeremy said it had a real kick. 

The last highlight of the day was the cheese. Of course my favorite Cabot was there, and I got a magnet along with several samples. I didn’t feel guilty about taking multiple samples of Cabot because I exclusively buy Cabot at the grocery store for our basic cheese needs. Along with the Cabot, there were two other local cheese that really stood out: The Sandwich Creamery and Robie Farm


The Sandwich Creamery had the best boursin I’ve had since Paris. Robie Farm’s Toma was just perfect. Sadly, he had already sold it all but the samples when we got there.

Overall the festival was a lot of fun. I hope that next year the vendors are spread out a little more, that I bring more cash, and that tasting tickets are more readily available.

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  1. 15 June 2010 3:30 pm

    We attended as well and had a great time. Check out our post from Sunday evening on our blog at


    • Clarice permalink
      15 June 2010 6:04 pm

      Glad you enjoyed the event. Cheers.

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