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So I Have a Problem. . .

8 June 2010

It’s called Propel.


I hate using plastic bottles, but Propel tastes so good especially the lemon flavor.

It all started with the Margarita’s 5K. They gave me Propel at the end of the race. I was so thirsty, and the slightly flavored water really hit the spot. I drink so much regular water out of my Camel Bak water bottle and sometimes it just doesn’t cut it; sometimes I’m so sick of plain water. Propel is low in calories and really quenches my thirst. I only drink them occasionally or after strenuous outdoor workouts. I have major green guilt about the bottles, even though they are now using 33% less plastic. (Green Guilt – the guilty feeling you get when doing something that is not environmentally conscientious). Maybe I’ll try the packets soon, but I highly doubt they will taste as good.

Seriously, I can quit whenever I want.

Jeremy and I are babysitting for friends tonight, so I made a frittata/crustless quiche to bring along with us. I pre-chopped all the veggies last night while I was making the Quesadilla Pie. I’m glad I didn’t have to fight the red onion again tonight; I was in tears for almost 45 minutes last night. Broccoli, green pepper, red onion, eggs, bacon, and shredded Parmesan. One more great meal that basically cooks itself.


Another big busy day tomorrow and then maybe I’ll have good news to share soon.

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