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Stormy or Sunny

5 June 2010

This morning started with a storm at about 6:30.  It was loud but provided a good reason to continue lounging around in bed.

Eventually I got up and Jeremy made Trader Joe pancakes and French roast coffee at which point the sun was shinning.

Then we went to Exeter. I love Exeter, NH. If you’ve never been there, you should definitely visit this little town.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. We hit up a thrift store and a couple of antique places. I found a new oatmeal bowl, which I’m pretty jazzed about. Then we grabbed some lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe. I’ve written about the Cafe  before. It such an enjoyable place. Today was Jeremy’s first time there. He got  chicken salad sandwich. 


I’m honestly really surprised they have white bread there. Jeremy definitely enjoyed the white bread.  I got a spring roll and just picked at some soup and a piece of corn bread.

We hung around and enjoyed the afternoon together. I caught up on blogs while Jeremy played on Facebook for nerds i.e. Math Overflow.

Sometime later, I started getting dinner ready. First, I prepped one of my favorite summer salads – Asian Cabbage Salad. Oddly, I blogged the last time I made this. It’s nice to have a little history.  I tweaked the recipe some this time. I used considerably less sugar and a mixture of Rice Vinegar instead of all canola.

After making this salad, I experimented with tofu for the first time. I didn’t like it. The pasta it was in however was delicious. Thanks to Traveleatlove and The Happiness and Health, I found a recipe for a really easy peanut sauce. I will be eating this sauce again soon.


Our entire dinner.


After we  Jeremy, cleaned up dinner we went to Get the Scoop for crepes. Mine had strawberry preserves. It was a great ending to a laid back day. 



I just finished icing my knees and ankle and all my clothes are already set for tomorrow’s 5k. Will Run for Beer – personally, I think it should be We’ll Run for Beer but that’s just me.


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