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Strawberry Delight

31 May 2010



These beautiful, perfectly vine ripened strawberries came from a farm about 15 minutes away. I was really excited to go and get them. I’ve been following their progress online, and I knew they’d be ready this weekend. So today was the day.


Warren Farm is a 2nd generation family farm. I’ll definitely be going there again to get more strawberries and other fresh veggies. I was able to learn on the Warren Farm website that strawberries are a high spray fruit.  This means that the ones you buy at the grocery store (unless organic and sometimes even then) are getting way more chemicals then you may have intended. My new motto is farms not factories. This definitely applies to strawberries. I’ll probably buy my berries here all summer.  In addition to fruit, I bought a bar of their hand made peppermint soap.

After getting all of these strawberries, I needed to do something productive with them. Enter freezer jam. I’ve never made freezer jam before, but it was really, really easy.

First, Jeremy and I hulled and washed the berries. This was certainly the longest part.


Next, we mashed them and then added the sugar. There’s A LOT of sugar, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.


Next we just followed the directions on the Sure-Gel box. I always thought Sure-Gel was something mysterious, but the ingredients are pretty simple: dextrose, citric acid and fruit pectin.



The jam has to set for 24 hours, but based on the bowl and spatula I licked it’s going to be pretty darn good. It should be pretty easy to guess what I’m having for a snack after work tomorrow.  Toast!

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