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Rest, Run, Chow Down

29 May 2010

Today has been an amazingly relaxing day.

First, Jeremy made us an amazing breakfast: Bagel egg sandwiches, homefries, bacon, and grapes.  Everything tasted great. I didn’t do a single thing. His homefries were really quite impressive.


I ended up putting my bacon on my sandwich. It was a lovely way to start the day.

After breakfast, we did nothing. It was great. I caught up on blog reading, and Jeremy watched a few rounds of Sports Center.  We ended the afternoon by watching the Cubs game.  The Cubs are Jeremy’s favorite team, and they are rarely on TV out here. They won. And whilst they were winning the stupid YANKEES blew a huge lead and lost. Grrr. . .

After the games were over we went on a run out to Packer’s Falls. I ran the whole way there which was one of my summer goals. Now I just need to get there and back.

When we got home, I showered the copious amounts of Off and sweat away then we made dinner.

Tonight we tried Colemann Natural hot dogs. It seems to me at least that hot dogs are not something on which I am willing to comprise. Jeremy said they were really good, but I barely finished mine. It just tasted weird. I think I’d rather have my Hebrew National Kosher Beef  hot dogs.  While the hot dogs were kind of lame, the Olivia’s salad and baked beans were great.


The other new thing I tried tonight was a Peak Organic Amber Ale.

IMG_2381 I really liked this beer; it went great with the grilled food and had a nice honey after taste. On top of being organic, this beer is brewed in Portland, ME which makes it local too.

Now it’s time to enjoy some Big Bang Theory.

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