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Only Tuesday

18 May 2010

This week is going slow. But it’s not a bad week so far, so I’ll take it. Tonight Jeremy and I went for a jog before dinner.  It is so much easier to be active, in my opinion, when there isn’t snow on the ground. New England is just lovely this time of year. The birds are so loud in the morning, I could probably throw my alarm clock in the closet until winter. But let’s be honest my Blackberry is my alarm, and I could never go without it.  After our jog, I was excited to come back and use the newest thing I found online to feed my obsession with statistics, numbers and tracking –

I stumbled onto this site a few days ago, and I’m a little hooked. You can track all different kinds of activity. One of my favorite features is mapping your route. Other sites I’ve seen use Google maps to track routes but it usually ends up being more work than it’s worth; I don’t what  form of Gmaps Dailymile uses but it is very fluid. It’s great.

After we got back, Jeremy popped the pizzas he made before we left into the oven. They were a great Tuesday night dinner. Mine had broccoli, red pepper, and leftover Meat House chicken on it. And his had chicken, red pepper and feta (I hate feta! Gag!). I also had a small side salad with mine using more of my fresh lettuce from the farmer’s market.

IMG_2267 Have you ever heard of maple leaf lettuce? That’s the kind on the left. It looks just like a maple leaf, so odd.


I enjoyed my pizza while watching the game. It’s so chilly tonight; I might need to have some tea before bed.

Traveleatlove is hosting an Olivia’s Organics giveaway. This was the first type of organic baby spinach  I ever purchased, and it’s really the only one I ever purchase. They have all sorts of salad types though; you should check them out.

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  1. 19 May 2010 9:45 am

    That maple leaf lettuce looks awesome! I agree about spring/summer – so much easier to be active. This winter kicked our butts and it was hard to do anything since we were snowed in so much.

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