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Baseball Tonight

18 May 2010

I stayed up way too late last night and will probably be up late again. You see I have a little problem called Baseball Season!

Last nights game was one of the reasons I really love baseball, and it’s not just because the Yankees won. With baseball you never know what is going to happen. You never know who will hit a home run, you never know which major pitcher will go from spectacular to epic failure, you never know if the team in last place is going to beat the team in first place. You just never know. This suspense makes most, if not all games exciting.  Let’s use last night game as our example of what baseball is all about; is all about being unpredictable and constantly in flux, which yields excitement.

Inning number 1, the Red Sox bat first (yes this was a home game for the Yankees). Three Red Sox come up to bat and three go down just as quickly. The Yankees come up to bat and within a span of a few minutes five runs have been scored by ARod, Jeter and Cano to name a few. As a fan, you get this cocky, can’t be touched feeling. Even though you know that a few swings of a bat could change everything – you revel, you cheer, life is good. But then the innings roll on, the Red Sox score one run, and the Yankees score a run. You get to inning 4 the Sox score again, and then in inning 5 they score three runs to the Yankees one. This is causing some discomfort for Yankees fans. By inning 7, the score is Yankees 7 Red Sox 6. Still one run ahead no need to fret. I loose my calm when all hell breaks loose in inning numero 8 with Youkilis, Drew, and Martinez all scoring. Suddenly Sox are up 9 to 7.


At this point, I’m assuming it’s all over. Chalk it up as a loss. I strongly considered going to bed, but I decided to stay. Boy was it worth it. Bottom of the 8th – no hits for the Yankees. The 9th finally starts, Papelbon comes in; now I know it’s over. Then Gardner homers, Cervelli gets hit with a pitch, and then Thames (whose barely more than a bench rider) hits another home run.

Game ends Yankees 11 Red Sox 9. Totally worth losing sleep. Never leave a game early because anything can happen.

100_0491 I think this arrow is pointing to the downward slope of the Sox’s record.

Semi-homemade pizza for dinner and maybe a jog.

Are you a baseball fan? Do you think it’s still America’s past time?

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  1. 19 May 2010 9:44 am

    You’re like me but with baseball instead of football 🙂

  2. 21 May 2010 9:20 am

    FABULOUS win by the Yanks! Loved reading this post! I got the chills. haha.

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