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One Green Weekend

16 May 2010

So far Jeremy and I have had a great weekend together. He hasn’t been working, which is rare and lovely, and I haven’t been spending oodles of time on the computer. Friday night we hung out and watched the last DVD of The Big Bang Theory season 1. This show really just cracks me up.

Yesterday we got up fairly early for a Saturday and headed out to Portsmouth to hit up the farmer’s market.  We have a small farmer’s market in our own town but I wanted organic seedlings. Of course there were other things purchased, a delicious wild blueberry muffin from a woman from Maine, pork sausage for Jeremy, maple leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce. The lettuce was so fresh and green I was just eating it while we walked around.


After getting our seedlings, we went to The Friendly Toast and split a burrito. I’ve raved about it before  here.  They’ve been nominated for America’s best breakfast on Good Morning America. I voted; I hope they win.

After eating we grabbed a gift card for a friend who was having a graduation party and came home to chill for a few minutes before heading back out again. Jeremy decided it was time to cut his hair. He started by cutting his hair into a bowl cut. I told him he should cut it into a Mohawk. At first it was just a joke, but once he cut it I really liked it. I told him he should keep it.  I didn’t really think he would do it; he’s pretty laid back and hates having any attention drawn to him, but I finally convinced him.

IMG_2222He decided to trim it down a bit. I hope he keeps his new doo for awhile. How many mathletes do you know with sweet Hawks?


Today we are going to put in our garden. I knew we needed some good fuel, so after getting up and paying bills I made breakfast. Homemade biscuits, fresh eggs from a work friend’s very own farm, and some Al Fresco apple chicken sausage.  The biscuits were so delicious; I could easily have eaten five  if I had allowed myself.  I love making homemade biscuits and getting the dough between my fingers. I always add cinnamon because very few things smell as good as bread baking with cinnamon.



Time to get this garden in. Have a great Sunday.

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  1. 20 May 2010 1:25 am

    Aw, wow! His haircut looks so cool! I finally remembered to get up early enough to go to our mini-farmer’s market and they had closed early. But I’m super excited to go again (earliER) on Saturday!

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