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PowerPoint Cubed

11 May 2010

Today has been such a long day. Sometimes it seems like long days start the day before. Yesterday I made a PowerPoint at school; for some reason it didn’t save. I came home last night and remade the PowerPoint.  When I got to school this morning, to set up for the day, the PowerPoint was no where to be found; I’m pretty sure my flash drive has died. I was so frustrated. I called Jeremy and had him check on my laptop. Still nothing. So for time three, I had to race and re-do the PowerPoint before my freshmen class. One of my juniors in my sophomore class was a total jerk to me today, telling me I pick on him, that I’m mean to him, and that I yell at him. All things which are obviously not true. Sometimes my students drive me crazy. I didn’t get to eat lunch today, because I had to attend a meeting for a student who blatantly said he would not do his work. I hate missing lunch because being a teacher is not like working at a desk. I can’t quietly sit and eat at my desk without an audience, so I had to eat my soup with a full class. And lastly, then I’ll quit complaining, I’ve applied to several jobs and I’ve heard nothing from anyone. Based on my resume, I’m really pretty marketable. Apparently, no one else agrees. It’s frustrating. In the words of Scarlett, “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

When I got home from work, I ate some of my Trader Joe’s Olive Oil popcorn, then I took a nap.

Jeremy ate the left over salad from last night, and I had some Brussels’ sprouts topped with bacon and a side of Annie’s Mac & Cheese. It was a salty, satisfying dinner.


I’m looking forward to Glee tonight for a little sunshine, singing, and smiles. After all tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Brandi permalink
    12 May 2010 9:59 am

    sorry you had a crazy day 😦 At least today is a new one!!! And bacon + mac’n’cheese is never a bad thing.

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