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Trail Run?

8 May 2010

I really wanted to try “running” on a trail today. I researched several local trails, found something I liked, and asked Jeremy if he wanted to try it out.  He said, and I quote, “I love any sort of outdoor running.” So even though it was drizzling, we headed out. I was confident; I was sure the sun would come out. I was, in a word, wrong.

First, we couldn’t find the trail head. It was in a little corner, coming around a bend, which made it almost impossible to see going east. We drove around for a bit before finally finding it. After turning around, we were able to see the sign. Strike one.


We got there; instead of the sun coming out, it started raining harder. It was chilly, 50 degrees. After prying ourselves out of the warm, dry car. I looked at the trail head map; I chose a trail. We launched into the forest, and there were no trail head signs or markers when we got in; I had no clue which way to go. Strike two.

*I’d like to mention that throughout this process, my dear husband, was sighing and huffing. He never once complained, but it was obvious he was not on board with this plan.* 🙂

I blindly chose a trail. We walked about two feet onto the path and the mosquitoes swarmed. They were biting me through my yoga pants. They were circling around Jeremy’s head. A) I have a fear of EEE. B) I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to mosquitoes. When they bite me, I get huge red welts. It is a bad thing. Ugh, Strike three!

We left. I didn’t want to torture Jeremy. I didn’t want to itch all day tomorrow. Some sunny day soon(with Backwoods Off), we will give it another go. But today was just not the day.


Tomorrow, I’m involved in a surprise. I love surprises.

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