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Glorious Spring

7 May 2010

I am so glad that Friday is here. While this week went really quickly, by the time Thursday got here I was so tired. Today has been a beautiful day. My classes went well, specifically my freshmen. Today was a review day; you remember those: Jeopardy, shouting out answers, candy for prizes. When I give them treats/prizes, I like to sneak in healthy things. Today for Jeopardy, we had chips (their request) and then I got baby carrots and Juicy Juicy Juice 100% juice boxes. The kids loved the carrots. I don’t know if they eat vegetables at home, but they were raving about how good the carrots were. It makes me feel good when I give them good food. I think next time we’ll do a full blown veggie tray without the chips. I wonder if they would eat humus? We’ll see.

Thankfully the skies here have looked like this lately:



I can’t help that my mood is exponentially better when it’s sunny and warm. Spring has been great this year.

At my school/job (I always feel funny calling it school) today, there was a plant sale. There is a special needs student that I’ve gotten to know this year who works at the plant sale; she asked me to come and buy plants, so I did. I went over at the end of the day and picked up chives, Roma tomatoes, and some type of hot pepper.


I hope to get all of the garden put in tomorrow. I guess I really should get a plan in place.

Another thing making today a great Friday is that I am the Friday Foodie Feature on TravelEatLove. Meghan’s blog is one of my favorite to read – she writes amazing travel posts, ran the Boston Marathon and keeps everything in a very balanced perspective. Thanks Meghan.

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