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Margarita’s 5k

2 May 2010


My previous running exploits have been mostly on flat land. The two previous races were in Salisbury, MA which is on the coast, and the coast means flat. So I was not prepared for the hillyness of the course today. Please be reminded that I, in no way, refer to myself as a runner. I am sure that I did better this time than I have in the past even if the clock says differently. I didn’t wear a watch, so I have no idea what my real time was. I feel like I did better because:

  • I walked very little
  • My legs didn’t feel like they were going to collapse at the end
  • I paced my breathing
  • Jeremy kept me at a good pace

All the races I’ve been in are in the Will Run for Beer series. The organization of the last race was great, even though they ran out of water. This race was actually kind of annoying for the following reasons:

  • No *timing* chips
  • No starting line
  • One small clock at the end
  • No starting sound – just some guy saying ok go

I know these things may sound trivial, but races are expensive. I found this article on Cool Running about where race fees go. The author gives this summary of costs per person for a 500 person race.


* T-shirt $4.00
* Printing $1.50

* Chip timing $1.00
* Police $2.00

* Chip rental $1.00
* Medical $1.00

* Chip mats $1.00
* Port-o-johns $1.00

* Bib number $0.30
* Advertising $2.00

* Postage $0.50
* Equipment $2.00

* Insurance $1.00

* Food $2.00


This race had at the very least 1000 people possibly more. It seems that  this would at least lower the price per person for things like equipment, making it feasible to do things like chip timing. I just think it’s weird that the races I’ve been in are all organized by the same group of people yet some seem so much more structured and organized than others.

With all that said, the rice and beans at the end of today’s race were extremely welcomed and delicious. Thanks to all the kids handing out water. Also, to the mom who taught her kids to cheer for her by saying, “Go, Mommy, Go!” their smiles and jumping were a real boost at the end.

I’m looking forward to the culminating race, which is here in Newmarket.  A big thanks to my husband for A) running with me today and B) helping me learn to run.

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  1. 2 May 2010 9:00 pm

    First: way to go! Someday I hope to be as marathon-y as you guys. 🙂

    Second: chips? Wha–?

    • cbrazas permalink*
      2 May 2010 9:28 pm

      Timing Chips. I went back and specified. They are little clips you put on your shoe that give you a more precise time.

      You would do really well I’m sure if you ran in some races. They are fun; everyone is very supportive and friendly.

  2. 3 May 2010 7:46 am

    I was at the Margarita’s 5k too. I wasn’t pleased with the races’ organization either. Especially the mess of the starting line. I didn’t notice any police at this race, so I’m sure they saved some money there. As well as not having chip timing (or a better starting system). Oh well, the margarita and food was fun, but my time sucked. Maybe we will see you at the Newmarket race 🙂

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