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1 May 2010

Sometimes I just don’t want to work out. This is particularly the case if I get in bed under the covers. My bed is very comfortable – I can take naps there, use my laptop, read. Why would I want to leave this place?

Today was one of these days. I came home and got in bed. I did not want to leave, even though Jeremy and I already agreed to go for a run and it was beautiful outside – sunny, 70.

Finally Jeremy coerced me to get my workout clothes on and go workout. When we got outside, I decided on a challenge. I bet Jeremy that if could carry him from our driveway to the end of our road that he would not make me run. This distance is really only 70 yards, but he is a good eight inches taller than me. Jeremy had no faith in me. He accepted my challenge under the assumption that there was no way I could piggyback him down our street. EPIC WIN! biel and timberlakeWhile we didn’t look as cool as Biel and Timberlake (source), I was still pretty amped that I could carry someone. Even though I broke a sweat and my legs were a bit tired, I absolutely got him all the way down to the end of the road.  Since I was already outside and sweating, we compromised by doing intervals. 

Some days you just have to workout even though you would rather stay in bed. I learned a lesson, (get your lazy butt out of bed) and I bet Jeremy did too.

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