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Denver – Day 2 pt. 2

30 April 2010

After finishing at the Botanic Garden, we went to lunch at Wynkoop, which is situated diagonally from Union Station.


At this point, I was feeling less than great. I think coming from the ocean to a mile above it was taking it’s toll on me. I had a headache, and I just felt blah. After lunch, we were on our way to Golden, Colorado – Home to Buffalo Bill’s final resting place.

IMG_1478 There are sweeping views of the Rockies here.


I got to see my first mesa.


And even though there was still snow, for which I was obviously not prepared.


We were more than amazed by the grandeur.

IMG_1508After enjoying the mountain air and the views, we headed to Colorado Springs. The speed limit is 75 in some places – awesome I know.

We then arrived at the Travelodge.

Initially, it was just Mindy and I on this trip. We thought we would save a little money, by staying at a cheaper hotel our second night. My apologies Jamie. This was a poor decision. While the hotel had great views –

IMG_1534 Yes, the snow capped one is Pike’s Peak –

it was loud, the beds were uncomfortable, and it was just absolutely worth the $39 we paid. From now on, I don’t think I’ll stay any place that cheap. Lesson learned.

After dropping our bags, taking a little rest, and looking for places to eat (no concierge here), we decided on Jose Maldoon’s.


The food at this restaurant was bland and boring, not what I expect from a Mexican restaurant. The guac had no flavor, the rice and beans actually tasted bad. Jamie’s cheese wasn’t even melted on her beans.  It was a less than pleasing experience.

After such a long day, we were done. We headed back to the hotel to try to get some sleep. Try being the word of importance.

A look ahead at Day 3 – Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods and our last night in Denver.

This is the farthest west I’ve ever been. Have you ever been to Colorado?

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