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Denver – Day 2 pt. 1

29 April 2010

After staying out way too late on Saturday, we were all ready for a great breakfast on Sunday.  I found a restaurant called The Delectable Egg, apparently there are a few of these in Denver. If you travel to Denver, I’d highly suggest the downtown location. Both the atmosphere and the food were great. I had the Idaho a skillet filled with potatoes, scallions, and bacon topped with eggs. I don’t know how they kept the scallions so crunchy.

IMG_1276 IMG_1278

After breakfast, we headed back on the free mall bus to get ready for the day.

If there’s one thing I learned in Europe, thanks to Rick Steves,  it’s the love of a good walking tour. I found a self-guided tour online before leaving that was supposed to show us all of the main historical sites in downtown Denver. This walk was nothing like a Rick Steves’ book; the directions were confusing and there was very little information.  We managed to find all of the main sites on our own though.



IMG_1300 IMG_1299

After seeing the Capitol building, we headed over to the Denver Art Museum and Library. Both are architecturally interesting and different.  I thought about how much my mathematical husband would enjoy the angles.

IMG_1323The Library

IMG_1352 IMG_1342Huge art installations.

As we approached, the library and museum, which create their own little quad there were tons of dancers with authentic Native American head dresses (HIMYM).

Even after scouring the web, I was unable to figure out what exactly was going on, but it was not something I see on a normal day in NH, so score one.

After, the library we wandered by the United States Mint, which was closed.


It isn’t really all that interesting just to look at from the outside.  After walking around, we went back to get the car and headed out to the Botanic Garden of Denver.

While many things weren’t in bloom yet, what was in bloom was enchanting. If I lived in Denver, I would definitely have a membership and just spend relaxing afternoons at the garden.

Up next – Dinner in Colorado Springs and why I no longer stay in cheap hotels.

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