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18 April 2010

Sometimes you just have a craving. . .

Saturday I woke up with an insatiable craving for McDonald’s breakfast. Now my head new that this was a poor choice for numerous reasons. I also new that I could fry an egg for myself, which didn’t really sound like a great idea either. I really wanted an egg sandwich, and I really wanted potatoes. So I talked Jeremy into going  to the Big Bean, justifying it by the fact that I needed to get cash for the farmers’ market anyway. Ahh with in minutes, I had coffee in hand and my order placed. Bacon, egg and cheddar on a delicious homemade biscuit with a side of homefries.

big bean breakfast

Sorry for the crappy phone pic; I left my memory card in my computer.

This breakfast was so much better than Mickey D’s. First, they make everything fresh, everyday. The homefries never taste exactly the same, because someone different is always doing the seasoning; with that said, they are always delicious. I know there was plenty of fat in the meal because it tasted so good, but I’d much rather put this in my body than the other stuff. I got a smoothie with peach, strawberries, yogurt and cranberry juice to go.  C’est si bon.

After an awesome breakfast, Jeremy went home, and I went to the farmers’ market. All sorts of things have already started growing. I love our farmer’s market. It has been raining, and disgusting in New England the last few days, so I didn’t bring my camera. I have to start getting there earlier. Almost everyone was out of eggs. I did find a dozen though. I got some peppercorn goat cheese from Hickory Nut Farm and some green garlic (garlic scallions) and  chives. I see salad in my very near future.  I got Jeremy a new supply of grass fed burger from Little Brook Farm. I really have to start taking more cash with me.

Today has started off well, even if it is cold.  I made Jeremy S’more Oatmeal for breakfast. His remarks, “Mmm yeah, it’s really good.”

IMG_1185  IMG_1187

I had plain old oatmeal with pb on top.
Time to hit the gym.

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