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I am not a Runner pt. 2

3 April 2010

In the continuance of I am not a runner, I definitely should not have fallen off the workout wagon for two or three weeks and then proceed to run the April Fool’s Four Miler (i.e. pretty much further than I’ve ever run). My legs are tired. With all of that said, today’s race was a lot of fun. There were men running in kilts, a guy with half his beard shaved off, and people are pretty much always happier when there’s free beer at the end. The weather was absolutely perfect: sunny, a little breezy, 70ish degrees. And, my really fast husband decided to run with me. It was really nice to not be by my slow self the whole way. He was a good encourager and is helping me to be a better runner. My first two miles were probably the fastest two miles I’ve ever run, but I was kind of dragging after that.


At the end of the race there was a box of watermelon slices. The sweet juiciness was the perfect thing. 

A beautiful day in New Hampshire turned into a lovely evening, so Jeremy and I walked to town to get crepes at Get the Scoop.


Crepes are just one more reason I love living in this little town.  I, of course, had one of the simplest crepes on the menu – butter and cinnamon sugar. Jeremy, however, had a marshmallow chocolate crepe a la mode.

IMG_1011 IMG_1016


Jeremy really dug his crepe. We had a great little stroll back. I hope the walk will make my legs less sore and that today’s run will jumpstart my workouts.


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