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Rain – Enough Already

31 March 2010

It has been raining for three days straight here in New England.  We’ve had tons of flooding again.  The river looks about like it did last time.  On top of all the rain, it has been a long week at work. The kids seem to be crazier than usual, all sorts of suspensions flying around. I taught a lesson today that absolutely bombed. I could see it going down in flames as the words were coming out of my mouth; I just couldn’t get the concept across to the kids. And last complaint of the post: my throat and head are killing me, even Excedrin Migraine didn’t help.

When I got home I laid down on the couch until Jeremy got here, and then we got to work on dinner. Chicken noodle soup may be good for a sore throat but Jamie Oliver’s potato and leek soup sounded even better to me.

I basically followed Jamie’s recipe except I added a can of Campbell’s 97% fat free cream of chicken soup, extra carrots instead of celery, and after it all cooked I used my immersion blender to add a little creaminess to the mix.  Personally, I like the look of my soup better than his.  The greener the better.

IMG_0976   IMG_0987

This soup was so good. I used lots of the green parts of the leeks, which made it very satisfying. We also had ham and cheese sandwiches on Arnold thins on the side. The sandwiches were topped with green leaf lettuce and a little Hellmann’s olive oil mayonnaise.  This has been a week of really good dinners so far. I can’t wait for leftover soup!  Time for a little OJ and Colbert Report.


P.S. It seems like there are a lot of brand names in this post. It’s really just that you can’t get most of these things in off brand and Campbell’s soup is really just worth the extra 10 cents.

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