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Richmond Finally

28 February 2010

Here’s why we were in Virginia.

My brother’s flight left early on Monday morning, which seems like a really long time ago now.  To make everything easier the four of us drove to Richmond and got a cheap hotel near the airport. We we’re all pretty tired, so we went and hung out at Uno’s for awhile. I had never been to an Uno’s before this, and I’ll probably never go again. We had a horrible experience there. The food was subpar to say the least. My brother’s gf ordered an appetizer sampler (seriously it was all fried, how can you mess this up), and it was cold. She sent it back and it didn’t come back any warmer. They brought Jeremy a large pizza when he ordered the personal size, which would be an error in our favor if the pizza was any good. Uno’s RIC = Epic Fail.

On Monday we dropped my brother and Heidi off at the airport and then headed back to the hotel to rest. Staying two minutes from an airport is nice.  Jeremy and I hung out for awhile deciding what to do with our limited time in Richmond. First we went St. John’s Episcopal church. 100_0440This is where John Henry gave his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. A lovely woman in her 60’s gave us a tour which was private as it was only the two of us and her.  We learned a lot about John Henry and had a review of our Revolutionary War history.  It’s amazing what you forget from 5th grade.

In addition to the church there is of course a graveyard. One important person buried there was Edgar Allan Poe’s mother.



After walking around for awhile, (it was so nice and warm there) we headed to Monument Drive. There were lots of monuments of important people from Richmond history. My favorite was the 100_0455Arthur Ashe monument, which really sticks out from all of the Confederate heroes. Oh Richmond!







After seeing some of Richmond, we were starving.  We looked in one of the free guidebooks for close restaurants and one of them was Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue. 100_0473

Their blurb in the guidebook said they beat Bobby Flay in a throw down, so I was all in. When we got there it was super crowded, with men in  business suits and construction workers. It was obvious that everyone likes this place. There wasn’t a lot of seating, and it wasn’t in a fancy part of town, but I’m glad that we went. We each got pulled pork sandwiches and split a fry.

100_0467  100_0465

I’m pretty sure this is a vinegar based sauce, but the sauce really wasn’t the star, it was more about how well the meat was cooked and smoked. The fries had a great blend of spices, and I’m 90% sure they had garlic salt on them. It was a great meal, and we both left satisfied. 


Richmond is definitely not my favorite city in VA, I wish we’d had more time to spend in Charlottesville, but it was ok. After lunch we headed back to the airport and caught our flight home. It was a quick trip, but definitely worth it. 

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