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No Snow Day

16 February 2010

This morning my lovely, little phone rang at 4:45 AM. In my world, this always means something good.  At the very least, it means school will be having a delayed opening and at the best, there will be no school at all. Today was the later.  I would like to say I used today to be super productive, but in reality I sat around and read blogs, watched some of The View, and then went shopping.  There’s an outlet mall about 20 minutes away so I went there and several other places to get ready for our trip to VA for my Nana’s B-Day. It was hard not to leave the house and go shopping since this is what the ground looked like basically all day.


That’s right. There’s hardly any snow at all. It started snowing after I’d been out for awhile around 2:30, but when I got home at 3:20 there was still nothing on the roads. However, when I looked out the window at 5:30 it looked like this.

Crazy New England. I did do a bit of laundry, and a worked out with my new kettlebell. My abs, arms and legs were totally shaking afterward.  Now it’s time to watch curling and write a report for a meeting tomorrow.

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