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Rochester, NY

30 December 2009

Christmas was so much fun. The hubs and I spent time with his family in Rochester, NY. It was, as always, an enjoyable time. Jeremy’s sister, brother, and his wife were all there. Between ringing bells for Salvation Army(yes the father-in-law dressed like Santa), cookie decorating contests, minor league hockey games and delicious food, I still found time to go work out, which really made everything even more enjoyable.









Jeremy and I did one run outside, which I think was a good prep for the 5k on Friday. As of right now, it’s supposed to snow/rain on Friday. I really don’t like the idea of running in that weather, considering I’m not much of an outdoor runner in the first place.

I was worried about making healthy food choices over the time at “home,” but overall I think I did ok. Obviously, I ate things I wouldn’t normally eat at home, but  I think it went well. One really was nice was having a breakfast buddy. My sister-in-law and I had oats every morning, and they were a great way to start the day. We also went to the gym together on the 26th.

I am really, really excited to use the newest edition to my kitchen.


I researched a lot of bread-makers before deciding on this one. While I haven’t gotten to use it yet, a feature I really like is that you can remove the paddle before you bake the loaf. There will be many posts to come of wonderful, delicious breads.

I should be back to posting frequently from now on. Up next, Anniversary #5 and Burlington, VT.

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