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Let it Snow?

8 December 2009

What a day? Work was really busy today. Between getting a new student on my case load and being flipped off by another student, I was more than ready for Tuesday to end. I’m really hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but it looks more like I will be driving in difficult weather both ways. I’m not a huge snow fan, unless it gets me a day at home.

Breakfast was oatmeal. I’m back to Market Basket oatmeal. Walmart’s oatmeal is absolute crap.

I ate lunch really early today at 10:00 am because I was just so hungry. I had the rest of my quesadilla from last night and a little reduced fat sour cream. Throughout the day I ate two clementines and an apple. I really love clementine season.

I tutored a student until 4:00 today. At about 3:00, I was so tired; I didn’t see how I was going to make it another hour, plus drive home. Then I got this little gem out of my desk.

It was just the kick I needed.

After working out, Jeremy and I rushed home to make dinner before the Biggest Loser finale. However, even with rushing dinner tonight was amazing.

I made Meghan’s recipe for Salmon from It was amazingly tasty almost creamy, if meat can be creamy. I also made mashed potatoes (I peeled and cut the potatoes on Sunday) with leeks. If you’ve never used leeks, you must. They give everything a crunch, great color, and a slight onion taste. Of course, broccoli  was present. I didn’t eat my bread; it was dry and gross.

All in all this was one great mid-week  diner.

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  1. traveleatlove permalink
    8 December 2009 10:38 pm

    Yum! I am glad you liked the salmon rub! I love leeks. Mireille Giuliano does a great leek and cheese thing in French Women Don’t Get Fat. I find them hard to clean though!

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