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Rainy day . . .

30 November 2009

Today has been a humdinger. I started off today with oatmeal and coffee. It may have been the best part of my day.

Do you ever have those days where you seriously consider grabbing your passport and seeing how far you can get? Today was one of those days.

My students were totally out of control. One specifically, who demanded I give him his papers to rip up. (No, I do not work in a pre-school, but I do work with EH students in a high school.) He proceeded to accuse me of intentionally misgrading and loosing his papers; papers which I later found in his binder. Long story short, he had to be taken from my class. Thank goodness, I had a wonderful Trader Joe’s Black Bean soup, tortilla chips, and pineapple waiting for me at lunch time.

My day ended with more rain and a trip to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I really, really disliked the hygienist who cleaned my teeth.  She apparently thought I was an idiot (I’m sure she is one) because she explained to me how to work the suction thing. I mean hello! Do I look four to you? She also made me wear goggles, which kept falling off because I was laying at an incline. There were a sundry of other things that drove me crazy.  I love my dentist, but he needs to let this woman go.

A glass of wine and some dinner with my husband should put in a better mood. Back for dinner.

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