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Farmer's Market

21 November 2009

Today was a great day at the now monthly Winter Farmer’s Market. Thanks to the Stone Church for opening their doors for the Farmer’s Market. There were so many great options. I came away with leeks, blue potatoes, daikon (don’t know what this will become), fresh eggs, chives, carrots (an incredibly different vegetable than what they sell at the grocery store) and garlic. I’m glad that Jeremy came along to carry home everything, since we walked, and the daikon was heavy.

I came away with two things from the wonderful, indoor farmer’s market.

  1. Carrots at the grocery store suck. I’ve been buying carrots this year from a farm that’s on my way home from work. They are so sweet and juicy and don’t need to be peeled. You just buy them, brush off the dirt, and eat them.  Carrots at the grocery store have that hard skin. Who knows how long they’ve been out of the ground. Thank you local farmers.
  2. I don’t think I can eat lamb. There was a man selling lamb at the market. I am in no way a vegetarian, but I apparently have a fond affection for sheep. They are just so cute. I really want a sheep of my own, which I would sheer for wool.  This is a plan my husband does not support.

Here are a few pics from my morning.

Pretty Maids All In a Row

Really large Daikon

What does your local farmer’s market do in the winter?

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