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13 July 2009

I thought the last time I wrote in my blog it was maybe June or May at the earliest. Boy was I wrong; It was April. Oh well an update.

In May. . .
In May, Jeremy completed everything for his minor. So, he’s 2/3 done with school. Of course the last third is really quite enormous – disertation. His presentation was great. Even though, I probably only understand about 5 minutes of it.
Dinner after Jeremy’s Minor Presentation

In May, we saw one of the only 80 plus degree days we’ve had this year and the only day I’ve been to the beach so far this summer.

June . . .
June seemed like a month that would never end. Towards the end of the month Jay came to visit. It was a fun time. We toured New England, which is always fun. We went to a Red Sox game, and they LOST!!! It was great.

July. . .
This month has been busy. I’ve been in a book club with some people from school. It’s been easy summer reading, which has been enjoyable. First, we read The Girl Who Stopped Swimming and now we are reading A Reliable Wife. I’ve also been reading other books, of course. It has been a good reading summer so far.

One big event was seeing Gone with The Wind on the big screen. It was marvelous and spent the whole next day swooning.

Last week, we went to NY. We spent some time with Brazas family, fun as always. Then we went to Syracuse for Katie Owens and Will Powell’s wedding. It was great to see them and lots of our other camp friends. Then Saturday night, after the wedding, we stayed with my brother. The beginning was fun, until I got violently ill. I was sick all night. Jeremy was great and stayed up with me. Then we had to drive back the next day. Cars + Severe Nausuea = one long car ride. Jeremy was gracious enough to drive the six hours back home. I’m feeling mostly better now.

Overall, I’ve been working out tons and eating the good food that is so plentiful in the summer. I haven’t been working much on stuff for our trip to Europe the last few weeks, but I will be now that we’re home for a bit. T-Minus 17 days until we leave, on what I’m sure will be the trip of a lifetime.

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