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26 April 2007

I am not a person of precision. I enjoy things where there is a little wiggle room. I crochet instead of knitting, because with knitting you have to do it just so or you get a hole. When you crochet you can easily fudge things, and when you have completed the project only the most attentive eye would be able to find the flaw. In English as compared to math, there are many correct ways of doing something; answers, overall, are subjective. If you can convince your reader of your point, whether the point is correct in their mind or not, you still get credit for it. Cooking is something else I enjoy. A little of this, a little of that, taste it – if it is good move on you’ve done your job.

Now, however, I have come to something that I must conquer. Bread. Bread on the whole seems simple. The actions you take are simple. The ingredients are items most people have in their homes. Wheat is one of the most prevalent things in the world. But bread or at least yeast is fussy. It hates me. Yeast is like a sickly, little kid that needs to be coddled and have it’s hand held constantly. I know there are people who can whip up a loaf of bread with ease. I am not one of them.

After working slowly, after following the recipe in a most exact way, I managed to come up with something very similar to bread. It tastes good and looks ok. It still will not rise it the rounded shape that I would like. This may have something to do with the way I shape the dough into loaves. As I had feared, this may be one of those aspects of life that requires practice.


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