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Hair Cut

8 December 2005

Tomorrow, I am getting my hair cut. I have NEVER, ever gotten my hair cut, by anyone other than my mom. I am nervous. This is a big investment. It costs a lot to get your hair cut; not just money but your personality and peoples perception of you is at stake. Things could go poorly. But hopefully, they won’t. This is what I want it to look like.

I think this will look good both straight and curly. Of course there is little I can do to make it look any different when it’s curly. Robyn says that getting my hair cut is a big event. She says it deserves balloons. I think that I will now mark events in my life by whether or not they deserve balloons. For example, today is my last day of working at the job that I hate until Jan 9th I believe this event deserves balloons.

The worst of my semester is over. I only have 2 nonfiction essays, 1 take home final, 1 in class final, some annotated bibliographies and 2 portfolios to put together and then it’s home free. I can’t wait to get on that plane. MMMM NY state here I come.

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