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Illegal Immigrants

28 November 2005

Question of the day:

What’s so darn bad about Illegal Immigrants?

I don’t really know. Reasons why this befuddles me:
1) Our country was founded by not only illegal but jerky immigrants
2) Illegal immigrants keep food on our tables if it weren’t for them food would cost a lot more and our economy would plummet
3) They actually want to work, unlike the 80% of people who are on welfare and intend to stay there till they die or the money stops coming these people want to work.
4) All the illegal immigrants I know are nice.
5) Republicans at least the ones mentioned in this article excluding Pres. Bush who is trying to give the Illegal Immigrants something are big jerks who only care about lining their own pockets and should seriously stop picking on the little guy.

While I understand there are legal ways to become Americans and that the Illegal Immigrants should follow the law I also understand that as far as I know America is an ethnocentric country that does little to help the illegal immigrants become legal in a nice way with out deporting them and making them spend all of their hard earned money to become legal.

At the heart of this lies the fact that I can’t stand to see hard-working good people be punished on some legalistic technicality. Seriously learning the pledge doesn’t make you American and all anyone really wants is their tax money. I have said enough.

Peace out

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