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Black Friday yes I contributed

25 November 2005

Yester day I cooked my very first Thanksgiving dinner. Nearly all by myself with just a few calls home. Everything turned out great. Then we boxed it all up and took it over to Jay and Jessa’s and ate with them and Jenn.

It was a good afternoon. Jeremy and I were supposed to go see Rent last night after dinner but whew cooking all that food makes you really tired so i ended up falling asleep so we didnt go to the movie but we went and bought LOTR Return of the King . We started the movie at about 12 and so of course we didn’t finish until 2ish by the time we read our bible for the night it was 2:30 early in the night I had swindled Lisa into doing early morning sales with me. So after no real sleep I got up at 4:30 got dressed and headed out. The people at Walmart gave us free doughnuts and I almost had to deck a kid to get the digital camera Lisa wanted. But I got almost all of Jeremy’s presents finished. I came home and did almost all of the rest of my Christmas shopping online bless with their $5 shipping.

drum roll please. . . .
Now for this afternoon. We get to go get our very first Christmas tree and decorate it YAY. This is the best time of year ever. Woo Woo. and hopefully Rent.

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